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Weekly workouts

Learning to listen

I’m an active lady. But my weeks are odd. And I need to adapt and (god forbid) rest, as needed. The workouts I’m about to share with you are from a week where I did hit the gym consistently. Even though they took place during a week where my schedule was changing around and overall, I just didn’t feel great. A little off. In a funk, if you will.

But. So it goes.

When it comes to training and my daily workout, it’s 99% of the time a non-negotiable item for me. I view my workout in the morning how I view an important meeting. I’m up, I’m there, and I’m ready to start my day. And if I miss it, I feel pretty crappy. But I also need to be realistic and realize the importance of rest and if I miss a workout or have an off week, guess what happens?




Not a damn thing. And you know what else? No one cares.

No one cares.

You care. I care. As we should. We only have ourselves to blame after all. But did the world fall apart? Absolutely not.


You shake it off and get after it the next day.




So now we’ve established the world does not care what you do, (okay fine, maybe some of the world does) allow me to share with you my week of workouts from Monday 5/20 thru Sunday 5/26.





Partner workout @ CrossFit Grandview:

Max Reps with partner:

0:00-5:00min – Row for calories

5:00-10:00min – Goblet Squats

10-13:00min – Rest

13:00-18:00 – Burpee box jump onto plate

18:00 – 23:00 – Bike for calories

Goblet squat load increase every 50 reps (35/20), (53/34), (70/53)






Push press

10 minutes to build to a heavy set of 10


AMRAP 12 mins

2 shoulder to overhead 85lbs


2 box jump overs

4 shoulder to overhead


4 box jump overs

…increase 2 reps until finish





Made up a workout on my own

5 rounds:

200m run

10 thrusters 65lbs

80ft walking lunges with 1 35lb DB, switch hands half way


Finished up with

5 rounds:

45 sec DB deadlifts (35lb DBs)

15 sec rest

45 sec air squats





AMRAP 20 mins:

1200m run buy in

With remaining time:

4 strict pull-ups

8 push ups

12 KB swings 53/35

RX+ = with a vest

I wore a 10lb vest 😉



7mile long run



Rest – Memorial Day Weekend cookout at my sisters!

Side note: This week had a lot of CrossFit in it, which is not rare for me. But my workouts are also dependent on my goals. Right now, I want to build strength, mobility, and incorporate more grip and gymnastics skills to prepare me for an upcoming Spartan Race. In a few weeks, my goals will most likely shift. 


We all have waves of feeling off.  No one likes to feel that way. But we’re human. We get tired, life gets hard, and we go in waves of funks.


The key is to not stop. To not let one week feeling off turn into two weeks. To recognize when we need to rest or heal, and when we need to suck it up.


If you’re out there genuinely giving it your best day in and day out, show yourself some grace and accept what your day brings you. Going on no sleep? Rest. Have an insane work schedule that makes it hard to get in consistent workouts? No problem, focus then on the things in your control. Food, community, connection with those around you, sleep, hydrating.


But most importantly, keep going. Practice self-awareness. Learn when you genuinely need to pull back in some areas of your life and lean into others. And learn when you’re actually just being a little excuse monster and you should really stop whining and get your butt outside and to the gym.


Have you moved today? You probably should.

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