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Tuesday’s with Jerry

What I train for

Ladies and gentlemen. The moment you have all been waiting for.

May 26th, 2020 is here. It is opening week for the fitness community and as of today, gyms are officially reopening their doors.

*the crowd goes wild*

What a ride we are on right now. One that continues to take us through hoops and turns. But every day brings one more step, moment, thought, shred of hope that makes it a bit more bearable. And today, that step was quite literally me walking into my CrossFit gym at 6:30am this morning.

You guys, I got to go to my gym today, do my first Crossfit workout in 2.5 months, and live to tell the tale.

It’s getting nice and hot here too just which is just how I like it. So it was really one of those sweat dripping in your eyes kind of workouts. God how I missed that.

And ya know what? It was great. Things are fine. People are smart. Workout. Clean up. Leave.

I’m already looking forward to being sore tomorrow.

I will sometimes get asked why I train how I train and what it’s all for.

Why do you….

Eat so clean?

Workout so much?

Wake up so early?

Train like that?

How do you…

Have the discipline for that?

have such self control?

Stay motivated?

Sometimes I have a firm reason. Like I have a Spartan Race coming up or fun event that I want to tighten the pooch up a bit for. But that’s maybe 1% of the time.

My answer the other 99% of the time is simply that I know no other way to live. This machine I have been given is the only one I have. It has to get me through my entire life. So I owe it to that fact to make it as strong, able, and prepared for battle as I can.

If it breaks down, I have to repair it. And build it back up to be prepared for anything else that might come my way.

One time at a bachelorette party, I was being given a hard time because some of the girls couldn’t justify spending money of the type of fitness and food that I invest it. And I told them that there is a difference between cost and value. And yes, often times you get what you pay for. The value that I get from the fitness and gyms I have chosen over the years go beyond the workout. I’m very intentional about the type of athletes and mentors I surround myself with and the atmosphere in which I do most of my workouts. It has to challenge me and push me in ways that go beyond the workout itself. So I can be prepared to go out and do it on my own if I have to, like I have for the last 2.5 months.

And sure, the food I eat is pricier. But in return I’m getting a much better product and fueling my body with the foods that I know will nourish and heal it.

Will I splurge on something cheap and unhealthy from time to time? Of course, I’m only human. And to be a clean eating freak 24/7 is unrealistic. The key phrase here is from time to time. When it’s worth it.

But it really is that simple for me. This is my preventative healthcare. I invest in these areas now, so I don’t have to pay for it later.

I broke down after I ran my first Spartan Race. I was training like an idiot, in a horrible mental state, not fueling properly, and running myself to the ground. A few months after breaking down after that race, I hurt my lower back.

I had to relearn how to squat. I had to learn what it meant to actually engage my core. And I had to start over in a lot of ways. In many regards I got better quicker because I already had a strong foundation. But in a lot of other ways, it was months of physical therapy and a completely defeated mindset.

In retrospect, I learned a ton about myself after that first Spartan Race. And when I did another one, and another after that, I felt great. I kept learning more and more how to prepare, both mentally and physically. So even though I didn’t run it as fast as I had the first time, I crushed it in every other way and felt strong and healthy even after crossing that finish.

I had prepared for that.

Were you prepared for the pandemic?

Of course not, none of us were. In January, none of us knew that in a matter of weeks we would be spending an unknown amount of weeks and months under lockdown, within our homes. We didn’t know the ripple effect it would have on or professional, personal, economical, and mental states. This global situation came out of no where yet here we all are living it and getting through it.

I’ve asked before to reflect back on some of the more trying weeks throughout this pandemic. And if when we look back, to think about whether we were proud of how we responded and adapted to this, or slightly embarrassed by some of our freak outs. Or worse. If we have no opinion either way. Don’t fear Covid, friends. Fear complacency.

This is life. Something unbelievably unimaginable happened and now we are living through days and weeks we never say coming.

This is great example of something that I didn’t know I was training for. My years of working through and not around problems have helped me handle the mental burden of this. My years of disciplined eating and workouts helped me keep moving even when I was ready to give up.

And I know that even if I get sick, I have peace of mind knowing that at least I have spent most of my adult life in pursuit of creating the strongest mind and body that I can that could hopefully fight it off. Those years of investing in my habits, routines, sleep, food, and workouts might just pay off if Lord forbid, I caught this thing.

Or what about this take. Maybe what I’ve been preparing for more than anything that I didn’t even realize was getting these types of post and this information out into the digital world. Sharing my answers to why I do what I do and how I stick to it so that I can pass it on and perhaps in some small way, pay it forward.

So why do I do it all? To be prepared for the hard times I see coming and the harder times that I don’t. To share any information I can and help others prepare too.

Set that example for someone else.

Prepare yourself for life. The good parts and the challenging parts.

Invest in your health and your wellbeing. This machine is all we have.

Make it unstoppable.

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