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Tuesdays with Jerry


Jerry wants to talk about those things that make us feel comfy cozy. And take a second to say blessed day I see sunshine FINALLY. Don’t worry, it won’t last. Cool Ohio.

Comfort food, movies, books and music that remind us of our childhoods. Have these made an appearance during your quarantine? They certainly have in mine. This idea of nostalgia and comfort seem to be the vibe during these endless weeks of lockdown.

Yes I would like to watch the Process Bride on Disney+.

I was listening to a podcast with a restaurant owner out in LA and he was saying how his curbside menu right now is comfort food and barbecue. Well yum. I’ll take five. Even in sunny LA, it’s what people are craving right now. I also read an article about music streaming and downloading trends. It illustrated how current artists aren’t doing the best right now but more old timey music is what the kids are listening to right now. Perhaps from the desire to be transported to a different time. A simpler time.

After reading about that I quickly noted my own music choice from that mornings workout of 90s country…

And the mix of Beatles and Johnny Cash I had on on my way to Cleveland last week.

Did she say 90s country? You bet your bottom I did. I’ll head down yonder on the Chattahoochee and right down childhood lane any day all day right now. In the Lasko house, it was 90s country or nothing.

I also found myself navigating back to Gilmore Girls reruns on Netflix over the weekend. My mom, sisters and I were avid Gilmore Girls fans back in the day but it has been quite a while since I’ve had any of those episodes on. Years in fact. So aside from Marvel movies and the Food Network, I can be found in Stars Hollow watching Rory and Lorelai just like I’m in middle school again and my mom and sisters are on the couch with me.

Anyone seeing a similar trend here in their own lives? Anyone doing endless baking to make themselves and the house feel warm and fuzzy?

Here’s a quick story. Before all this Covid crap, yeah I’m talking to you, you big corona virus JERK. Anyway, before all this I remember in Middle School when the kids around me were starting to be heinous little monsters, discovering that being a downright jackass meant you were “cool.”  Well that didn’t fly with Emily. I just wanted to be 6 years old again and play with toys and get dirty outside. Classic, Em. I’m a weirdo and at 30 I can proudly say I have not changed. But I suppose when you’re going through a tough time, especially one you didn’t see coming, sometimes you mentally put yourself back to a simpler time when you didn’t have as many worries or responsibilities. It’s easier to be in that head space than deal with the current one.

And while I’ve gone down the nostalgic road not even realizing it in this current situation, I wouldn’t at all say I’m dwelling or sad about it. Middle School Emily was sad because she didn’t understand the let’s-be-assholes-to-eachother mindset that her classmates had. 30 year old Emily is not sad and mostly just wants to laugh and run around and swing from things. She’s maybe subconsciously a tad anxious and a bit more rough around the edges, but overall pretty content at the moment. And the country music and Gilmore Girls just bring some good ol’ fashioned joy.

When you’re stuck at home with Jerry and your thoughts, you become very aware of the things that make you feel good inside.

When you’re stuck at home with Jerry and your thoughts, you become very aware of when things are spiraling and you need something to hold on to. And an old movie or song is a great thing to reach for.

Who’s been watching the Last Dance on ESPN? Edit: How freaking awesome is the Last Dance on ESPN? Talk about being transported to a different time. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend you start. Not only will it take you back in time, but my goodness it is an amazing depiction of individuals, teamwork, mindset, mentality, and downright savagery. It’s almost too good.

Screw Tiger King I’ll take Michael Jordan and 90s sports please.

It’s a good day to be happy, people. Soak in the sunshine and get your mind into a state of warm and fuzzy. And if you happen to be in a warm and fuzzy state while slinging some dumbbells and lunging 400m like this girl, even better.


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