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Monday Motivation

It’s day one of the first ever Unlocked Down 30 Day Challenge. To all of you out there who follow these posts, follow my stuff, and have even downloaded this ebook, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This is the first (of more!) ebooks, and the first ever time I’ve led any sort of 30 Day Challenge.

Let’s do this.

Let’s talk for a moment about motivation. I hate the word motivation. Motivation is the feeling you get from a good song, cheesy quote, book, person, cup of coffee. AKA motivation is found outside yourself. You feel it one moment and then it’s gone the next. It’s fleeting, unreliable, and just a lot of bullshit.

You don’t need motivation to do something, you need discipline. Hard work and discipline are dependent on you and you alone.

Buuuutttt let’s be human for a second.

Because that is what we all are. Humans. And Jerry.

Well. As humans (and Jerry), we need help. Inspiration, motivation, whatever you want to call it. We need each other. Connection, community, and someone every once in a while to tell you when you’re being lazy or give you a hug when you’re doing great.

If there’s one thing that Covid and quarantine has really brought to light about health and fitness, it’s the power of community. Coaches, people, music, competition. All the things we take for granted when we’re in a class or going through a workout with other people.

That’s what this challenge is for. That’s what the private Facebook Group is for. To provide a space for like minded people to connect and help each other. Community, connection, and of course, accountability.  Be part of a group with similar goals. Share your struggles, provide tips, and ask questions along the way. And hey, I am a coach after all. I’m used to yelling at people and sharing in their struggles alongside. This group gives you direct access to myself and any resources I can point you to.

The ebook can be enjoyed completely on its own of course. Recipes and workouts to be used, read, and lived. So if you aren’t sure about the challenge yet or simply don’t want to, the book is still valuable! Great to take on the road and scroll through at any time. And don’t worry, I plan to host more challenges in the future.

If you’re sitting there and you still need “motivation,” this is it. I’ll be that for you, but the rest is on you.

Go. Do something. Get up. Wherever you are. Write down your goals, your day, your workouts. Download the book and use those workouts. I don’t care just DO SOMETHING. Think of someone right now you want to set the example for. Maybe it’s a family member, someone you want to prove a thing or two to, or even better, maybe it’s your future self.

In this world we live in, who the hell knows what things will look like in 30 days. But at least we can have a goal and challenge keeping us on track until we get there.

Excuses are easy. Discipline is not.

Sitting on the couch is comfortable. Getting up and moving is just uncomfortable enough.

Earn your day, earn your life, and be the example you need for yourself. While we aren’t officially Unlocked Down in every single way, it doesn’t mean we can’t live that way.

Download here. And get to work.

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