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The Future

In classic Emily fashion, allow me to tell you a story.

A story about what I’ve been doing, what I’ve been planning, what I’m launching, and where I’m going.

Oh and Jerry. Jerry’s along for the ride.

The last 8-9ish years have been weird. Your twenties are weird. So weird in fact that I never felt like I was doing them right. After college I got on the conveyor belt of life like many of us do. Working too hard at things I didn’t actually like wondering if that was it for the rest of my life.

So I jumped off.

My options were jump off the belt or be stuck. And being stuck was and is never an option for me. Ever.

It was when I felt stuck that I made the decision to leave a stable job. It was when I felt stuck I chose instead to throw myself into the fire knowing that was the only way I’d really learn. Sink or swim.

And I like to think I’ve been swimming ever since.

I never became the now-or-never travel-the-world you’re-only-young-once person. And it’s not because I didn’t want to be. I did. And I do. There’s this notion that your twenties are when you’re supposed to be reckless and spontaneous. Well. I was in a way. Just not in the way society made it seem like I should be. I was reckless and spontaneous when I left my “career job” to start working any and all jobs that were remotely interested in areas I enjoyed, trying to combine what I went to school for with what I liked to do.

I continued to pivot, pursuing positions for what they would teach me and who they would put me around, not necessarily for the title or company name. Instead of being super carefree and spontaneous I worked and then I worked harder. Knowing that those carefree days will come after I’ve worked for them.

That I’ll enjoy them more once they were earned.

At a certain point I have to always remind myself that I’ll never be done learning, and that there is no “there.” I’ve fallen for that before. Be a personal trainer. Check. Start a side nutrition hustle. Check. Become an Orangetheory Coach. Done. Run a Spartan Race and place in the top ten. Nailed it. Launch a website. Okay.

Cool cool cool so then what?

I got to these various finish lines and nothing really happened. I didn’t win the lottery. My anxiety and work stress didn’t disappear. The guy didn’t change his mind. I didn’t all of a sudden have things figured out.

Well, Em. Good. Keep going. There is no “if I just do this…” or “if I just make it to that…” or “if only he would do this…”

So I kept going. Working tirelessly (literally) to shift my mindset from focusing on the end game, getting to or beyond something to focusing on every great and painful part in between, trying to learn about myself and find the girl I used to be.

My job and various roles became about the skills I was learning and the connections I could make and capitalize on. How these things collectively were setting me up to be a more well-rounded and marketable person with eyes set on building an empire. I focused on the doors I could open (or close) and the people who were hurting or helping me. All to help me formulate who I am, who I’ve always been, and who I want to be.

Sounds so damn cheesy. But it’s true and it’s why right now, in this moment, I’m pivoting again.

Toward the end of our fitness lockdown here in Ohio, I was offered a position with my Crossfit gym which I have accepted. There’s more to the story, but the moral is that I will be leaving Orangetheory to add CrossFit coach to my repertoire with the greatest affiliate gym in the land in my humble opinion, CrossFit Grandview.

I am beyond excited.

Like really freaking excited.

The quarantine forced many of us to face our lives head on. What we liked, what we didn’t, what issues and demons we buried deep down that are still alive and well. It forced us to get comfortable being so very uncomfortable. A place I happen to thrive.

And for me, it made me get really serious about where I wanted to continue to go, the life I wanted to live, and how I would support myself getting there.

I was deemed unessential like so many of us have been and if and when something like this were to ever to happen again, I have to be prepared. Jerry needs me to be prepared. So of course, for me, that means putting my head down and working. Adding more and more to my bag of tricks so I’m not ever dependent on one thing.

So I dove into this site. With no real goal in mind other than to do what I know how to do which is move, write, and cook. I focused on the empire I still wanted to build and tried to dial it in even more to something that would sustain me and give my life purpose (and a paycheck). And then I wrote some more. Workouts, recipes, life. It’s all here. And I guess you could say it worked.

I’ve always known Orangetheory wasn’t the end for me. Just like I knew that Ologie (my first job) wasn’t the end for me. They’ve been places and roles that have taught me a lot. But they were always pieces to a much bigger puzzle.

Coaching and managing at Orangetheory taught me so much. Throw in some aggressive emotional baggage and you pretty much have a whole new Emily now. A better and more resilient one. The last four years have brought me some of my dearest friends and taught me some of my biggest lessons. And I couldn’t be more grateful for it. Both in and out of the studio I was tested emotionally beyond anything that I’d ever wish on anyone else. But it made me stronger and forced me to thrive in that state of chaos many try to avoid. And brought some of the best people into my life.

So it was at a moment of “this feels really great” when I thought to myself, now or never.

And I guess now had a little help from quarantine.

And what’s cool is I know I still have so much more to learn. And I’m more than ready to go after it. And guess what? Putting your head down and working pays off, friends. It brought me job offers I hadn’t anticipated and opportunities I’m beyond excited about!

CrossFit Grandview will be a different beast. One I’m so very ready to conquer. It combines everything I’ve grown to love. A fitness program I personally believe in 100%, the one on one training aspect I loved about my time at Sweat Box, and of course, the energy and adrenaline I love about being in front of a crowd.

In addition to coaching, what I will really be setting my sights on is being a big driver in a future online training and digital offer. We’ve all had to deal with working out (or at least trying to) from home. And I’m excited to help lead the charge on what will be one super sick digital fitness platform.

Our work is never done. I am never done.

But another door has opened, one that keeps me progressing up and not simply stepping side to side, and I’m walking through it. Coach Lasko lives on friends. Be it CrossFit, online, or at home. She’s not going anywhere.

Which brings me to one final exciting note.

I wrote an eBook. It’s called Unlocked Down. And it will be released very very soon. What is Unlocked Down? Well, it’s two full weeks of workouts, ten recipes, and lots of content on how I’d recommend training, eating, and living. It’s essentially me in downloadable PDF form and I can’t wait to share it with you.

The eBook will include a 30 day challenge component for those that are eager to really take advantage of everything this book is about. We’ve all been living in lockdown for too long and it’s time to give ourselves a kick in the ass. So please allow me to do so. Stay tuned for more, she’s on her way..

That’s all I have for now, I suppose. It’s a lot. Life is a lot. Times are hard and getting harder. But I’d rather thrive and be excited in the midst of hard and challenging times, then feel nothing, be stuck, and go through the motions.

See ya at CrossFit Grandview.




  • James Gage

    Love your passion & focus em! you will certainly be missed at otf but hey, i may pop in for an ALTERNATE challenge at your new digs. Best wishes to you always xoxo ~ J

    July 1, 2020
  • Awesome em! So excited for your future!

    July 1, 2020
  • Alicia sanders

    True story coach- after our talk about The joy of crossfit with you awhile back, i made a decision to get back into It! LUCKILY for me, I picked Crossfit Grandview as my box! Looking forward to a Lasko style crossfit class!!

    July 4, 2020

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