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Morning Routines

Unlocked Down Round 2

I woke up naturally by 5am this morning feeling perfectly rested and ready to go.

For some that might seem odd.

For me, I couldn’t be happier.

I live an odd life and a different lifestyle than most. I’ve made very intentional decisions in my work and life to pivot, turn, go back, change lanes, and course correct multiple times. Therefore, my routines have been shaken up. And I’ve had to adapt to new ones.

Probably why I love nothing more than living quarantine style with JerBear whenever I get the chance.

That or I just don’t like people.

Don’t take that personally.

It’s not you, it’s me. Trust me.

Okay, fine, I like you all very much. But I also like to read Harry Potter and not talk for awhile too mmmk?

Overall, I’ve always been a morning person. And by that, I mean I like to begin my day before most people, when it’s still dark, and by the time the day is in full force I already have at least 2-3 productive things under my belt.

Or running shorts. I don’t wear belts.

That quiet 5am hour is my favorite. Not aggressively early. Definitely not late.

But with a different coaching schedule and multiple projects in the pipeline, my days have been shifting later. Bedtime used to be a hard 9pm, and while it still is as often as I can make it, more so it’s closer to 10:30-11pm these days.

And because sleep is important, I try not to force myself to wake up before 6am. All to say my morning routine begins and ends later.

But it hasn’t changed.

As humans, we like consistency. We crave routine. There must be order or there will always be chaos.

Will this go off the rails every once in awhile? Of course. Again, we’re human. But our minds and bodies are smart. And if you put in the time to get on a routine, you will adapt to it.

Just like everything else. A few days of eating well won’t make you drop ten pounds. A few workouts won’t get you ripped.

But time, consistency, and just putting your head down and doing it over and over and over will.

Which is why this morning, waking up at 5am, it was like my body reminding me those wee morning hours are my favorite and most productive.

I do miss those early mornings. And I’ll get them back again. But in the meantime, even though my mornings are later, my routine is the same. It’s very simple. And very important to me.

My morning:

1. 6am: Coffee + Reading. I will set my alarm earlier so that I can keep this part of my day always.

Non negotiable. Those first 30 minutes of my day are my time. (And Jerrys’..)

Do not disturb.

2. 6:30am: Breakfast. Either oatmeal and protein or a protein shake.

My oatmeal:

1 packet gluten free oats

1/2 scoop protein powder

Mix of milk and water to cook it

Handful of berries if I have them

My protein shake:

1/2 frozen banana

Handful frozen strawberries

1 scoop protein powder

1 cup Fairlife milk (or whatever milk I have)

I also make coffee number 2 while fixing breakfast, then normally go on computer and check email and the Wall Street Journal with my Dad’s login because I am John Lasko’s daughter. This is my current whey protein powder. And this is my current plant based protein powder. I go back and forth between the two.

3. 7:30am: Gym.

I’m fortunate enough that my gym is also my work now. But even when it wasn’t, I was there every morning for my workout before clients, classes, meetings, and coaching began. If I don’t have my morning workout, I am not myself. I’m just not.

Like most other things around me these days, I need my CrossFit gym to push me how I want to be pushed. Why make things harder for yourself? For me, I want to be around the hardest working people. So when it comes to my workouts, here is where I will stay.

Here’s the thing.

Want to get into a routine? Again, make it easier on yourself. Set your alarm and just get up.

Want to workout in the morning? Set your clothes out the night before.

Pack your food. Throw out the trash food. Find a gym that gets you excited. Enlist a friend or find a coach. Plan. Prepare. Execute.

So simple, yet so many don’t do it.

Start with your mornings. Only your mornings. The rest of the day will be what it is. But begin with the beginning of your day and explore ways to optimize it. It is true what they say. When you take control of your morning, from the moment you wake up, you feel better and have a more successful day.

Again, things will always want to get in your way. But even if your day turns out to be a nightmare, at least you know the first 90 minutes of it were solid and you did everything you could during that time to set yourself up for success.

Today, Monday, September 14th, marks the second 30 Day Unlocked Down challenge. I’ve talked about this ebook before here and here. It’s a great way to find an online community if you want to take part in the challenge. But! Know that it goes beyond that. The challenge is just one small piece to help you connect with others also using this ebook. But the ebook can be enjoyed without that. Workouts, recipes, tips, advice, and a glimpse into my life. It’s all there in about 40 pages and it’s only $14.99. 

Whether it’s finding or optimizing your routine, growing to like the mornings, pushing yourself in the gym, or something else. Write it down. There’s power in that first hour of the day. And you have it.

Plan. Prepare. And execute.

Happy Monday all.


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