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Monday Link Love

Meal Prep edition

How sick are you of cooking? That’s a lot of you, I bet. Perhaps you’re learning a thing or two about being in the kitchen. Whether that’s how easy it is to put together a meal, or how annoying it is. Maybe it’s adding yet another stress to your day. Or becoming an escape. Whatever camp you fall into, I wanted to use today to share some meals and tips I cook regularly and use daily.

Quick check in. It’s week 6, right? Monday of week 6? Weird. I’m feeling good. At the moment. A commercial made me tear up but, you’ll have that. The Food Network has been liking to pull a sneak attack on me lately with those terrible I’m going to rip your heart out animal abuse commercials. So that’s cool. But all in all we’re doing okay today over here. Got in a workout. In my living room. No it’s still not fun. But we sweat and that was good and a necessary piece of my routine I need in order not to lose my shit. 🙂

Now on to food, cleaning, and every other random activity myself and Jerry have been keeping busy with.

As you might already know, I have a deep love for my crockpot. It’s a great way to prep something fast in the morning and have the bulk of your meal ready by dinner time. Anything that we can do in the crockpot or the oven is really nice because you can get it in and let the appliances do their jobs. Minimal standing-over-the-oven time.

Here are a few recipes that might spark some inspiration for you as we embark on yet another stay at home Monday:


These crockpot chicken carnitas are a go to of mine that can be made even simpler right here and stuffed into a baked sweet potato! 

Buffalo Chicken Chili is forever a staple and the first recipe I ever shared. Give me all the Franks.

This Balsamic Chicken with Mediterranean Quinoa is a delightful spring treat right now. For a vegetarian option just make the quinoa salad and add in some chickpeas for more protein!


Let us all remember the Blondies that broke my small corner of the internet. I’m still getting messages over these blondies. Make them. Please.

Want something small and cute? Try these pop-able brownie bites!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this blueberry banana cake! The entire world has been on the banana bread train. Time you joined them.

And here’s a breakfast one! It takes all of five ingredients maximum to make multiple super simple overnight oats.


There is a lot of content out there around pantry cooking and shopping smarter, but allow me to re-introduce you to what I call component cooking and how it is literally how I build my meals each and every day. 

And if you do want some added advice, here is one on navigating the grocery store and stocking your refrigerator.

Now I hope you’re all ready to go out and get after this Monday. Fill it with planning and prepping. Write out your agenda to give yourself structure if you need it and stick to it. And if you’ve been having a love/hate relationship with your kitchen, let’s have a sit down chat and rekindle that flame, shall we? You don’t even have to acknowledge it if you throw some things in the crockpot and walk away.. Just sayin.

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