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Meal Prep Monday

Constructing my plate

It’s May 11th and about 42 degrees outside.

But in warmer news, I went to Cleveland last Thursday and saw my parents, brother, sister, brother in law, and JOE for the first time in weeks and weeks and weeks.

One more time for the people in the back, I saw JOE. I came back Saturday and spent almost every minute of my time with him. Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with my 2.5 year old nephew, so imagine the sweetest and funniest little person you’ve ever met with more energy than me. And understand that even that isn’t enough to describe just how amazing this little boy is.

He has a heart of gold and for the better part of two months it has been mainly him, his mama (my sister), and his dad. Try explaining to a two year old why he can’t see his grandma and grandpa or go up and down on the escalators at Barnes and Noble. It’s heart breaking. And while many toddlers might be more easily tricked or not as in tune with seeing or not seeing people, my little Joe remembers everything. If you tell him you’ll be back at a certain time or you’ll do something tomorrow, you better do it because he will absolutely remember it and remind you when the time comes.

Anyway. I could gush about him for hours and if you’ve ever taken my classes, you know I have. My favorite topics to talk about during the stretch are the men in my life, Joe and Jerry.

Boy was it lovely to be with him. And see my family for a couple days. And good news is Jerry only threw up a little bit while I was away..

I feel like when Jerry realizes I’m gone for an extended period of time (longer than a couple hours), it’s like “ooohhh god where is she is she coming back this is it BLELLALCH.” That was my typed interpretation of Jerry throwing up if you didn’t get that.

So any who here we are. Beginning of what week 8? 9? Bueller?

I’m dedicating today to all things meal prepping and life prepping. Last Monday I wrote a bit about “May Planning’ overall and setting some hard goals for your self and structuring the day accordingly. Well today I’m here to get my food game back in check and get back to meal prepping basics.

Last summer I wrote about something I called “component cooking.” Meaning when I do my prep on a Sunday or Monday I prep and have ready to go the various components of a meal.


  • Protein
  • Carbohydrate
  • Fruits and veggies
  • Fats

When I and cooking to food and meal prep, my energy is spent on the first two, proteins and carbs. If I know I have cooked chicken or beef ready to go in the fridge and some cooked potatoes or rice, I feel better. The rest can be fixed or cooked on the spot.

Component 1: Protein

My choices below:

Crockpot chicken. This was a mix of chicken breasts and chicken thighs.

Lean ground beef.

Hard boiled eggs.

I keep it very simple. Mix the protein with salt, pepper, garlic perhaps. And let it do it’s thing. Then I can get more creative as dinner comes and add whatever other veggies or sauces I have.

Component 2: Carbs

My choices below:

White rice. Roasted Sweet potatoes.

The white rice is a blank slate. The sweet potatoes here are Japanese sweet potatoes and have a lighter color than your regular sweet potato. I spiced these up with some chipotle powder and cinnamon because that’s my favorite on sweet potatoes. For a sweet potato recipe check out here. 

Component 3: Fruits and veggies

I keep a few bags of frozen veggies on hand always. And have a good amount of fresh veg as well to be added to eggs or used on the side of any proteins.

My lunch is always eggs and most days I have a piece of fruit with it. Fruit and nut butter is a favorite snack of mine as well.

Component 4: Fats

I always cook my eggs in grass fed butter. I use olive oil whenever I’m roasting or sautéing veggies on the stove. And I put half an avocado on the side of my eggs at least a few days a week.

Constructing my plate from these components:

Palmful size of protein

1/2 to 1 full palmful size of carb depending on the day. (If I’m hungrier or trained harder that day I’ll have more of the carb)

Fill the rest with green veggies. Kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts.

I’m more of a two or three well rounded meal person, with a small snack here and there as needed. The way I eat is a mix of intuitive eating (listening to your body, when you feel true hunger, and what type of food your body is telling you it needs), and macro focused eating (being aware of how much protein in particular I’ve eaten that day).

If you want to see a slightly typical day in the life, check out this post here.

Back to this mission for this Meal Prep Monday. Protein and carbs. From here I’m going to get my chicken in the crockpot because it’s the easiest, make more hard boiled eggs to have on hand, and get the massive sweet potatoes I’m looking at into the oven to roast.

I’ve also decided today to take it a step further. 99% of the time I will good these components in bulk and store them in big containers. That other 1% is where I have totally fallen off and that is, storing it in pre-portioned containers. I’ve gotten very good at eye balling portion sizes. But let’s face it, we all slip and eat a little more than we realize and I need a kick in the pants to keep myself honest here. So after my chicken is done and my potatoes are roasted, I’m going to get a couple pre portioned servings divided and set aside in their own containers to be ready for dinner time.

How’s your Monday going? Ready to work? I’m ready to get back on my meal planning and prep game. Because it really is a game to me. I like doing it.

Now go get to your to do list, be productive, and get after it.

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