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Same Me Different Place I joke that I never stop moving. I've always felt that for most of my life and most certainly all of my twenties (particularly ages 26-30), I felt like I was running. Never fully knowing what the heck I was chasing or what I was running from.

HIIC Let me introduce you to my new favorite meal prep mentality. Some context. What makes HIIT (high intensity interval training) style workouts so popular? They're short. They're dirty. And they're effective. For many people, the thought of a 60-90minute workout sounds terrible. Why take up over an hour of your day when

birthday On this day 31 years ago, my Momma bear was enjoying Troop Beverly Hills with my Aunt Elaine when, wait for it, she gets gut punched by this girl right here. Heyyooo. Hi world, I'm Em, let's play. I believe I was a couple weeks early, in fact. My hyperactivity already

Life Thoughts Maybe it's because I'm spending more time online and on social media like most of the world. Maybe it's because I'm drinking in all these unprecedented times and the never ending reality of being at home with my thoughts. (Can we veto that term for the rest of forever?

Not to be confused with my favorite shopping experience Whole food. Real food. One ingredient food. Confession. I've gone a tad astray with my diet. However. Allow me to clarify. As a self experimenter, I've done a lot of due diligence manipulating my diet to optimize my performance and help me reach whatever goals I have