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What do I eat before and after a workout? I recently surveyed the social media world to get a sense of what people struggled with the most around living a healthy life. What area(s) do we find ourselves falling short?   Of course it’s tough to name just one thing, right? Each piece

An ongoing apology   To the moments, memories, and people I’ve missed, forgotten, skipped, passed up on, and was “too busy for..”   This is for you.   I’ve been working on this post for a long time.   Consider it more a journal. Thoughts, reminders, and messages that I continue to tell myself and practice daily. Understand

With spicy roasted sweet potatoes   It’s Sunday. Is it Sunday? It’s the Sunday after the Fourth of July weekend and it’s the weekend that kept on going.   Now. For me, it was pretty much just another week. Well, at least another week on the work front. I did manage to relax a

Less recipes, more food And a broth bowl to show you how to build a meal from these components.   Yes, I will get to a Spartan Race recap. But tonight is about food. It's about thinking about food and cooking differently.   Less recipes and more food. This sums up precisely how I cook

What a difference a year makes   There was a time when I never thought I’d feel quite like I do right now. Let me rephrase that. There was a time when I never thought I’d feel quite as good as I feel right now.   Tomorrow morning I will be running Spartan Beast number three

Fresh items, staple items, and everything in between   Sunday.   The day of rest. Maybe we're looking back on poor decisions from the night before. Maybe we're getting after it and preparing for the week ahead. Perhaps you're resting. Maybe brunching with the gals. The cool kids do that, right? I wouldn't know.

Learning to listen I’m an active lady. But my weeks are odd. And I need to adapt and (god forbid) rest, as needed. The workouts I’m about to share with you are from a week where I did hit the gym consistently. Even though they took place during a week where

Stop standing in the middle of the grocery store pretending like you know what’s up. We see you. The lonely jar of salsa in the fridge and random bag of granola in your pantry are staring at you. This is embarrassing, Susan. This kitchen is a joke. You should be ashamed. Okay, relax.