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nihil expetendis in mei.

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The Future In classic Emily fashion, allow me to tell you a story. A story about what I've been doing, what I've been planning, what I'm launching, and where I'm going. Oh and Jerry. Jerry's along for the ride. The last 8-9ish years have been weird. Your twenties are weird. So weird in fact

Complacency Kills This world is angry. And I'm with them. I don't know all the stories. But I'm listening. What happened last week, and has happened for decades and longer, is despicable. And I'm disgusted. I know there is evil in the world. And I'll stand against it. But I believe the good in people.

Constructing my plate It's May 11th and about 42 degrees outside. But in warmer news, I went to Cleveland last Thursday and saw my parents, brother, sister, brother in law, and JOE for the first time in weeks and weeks and weeks. One more time for the people in the back, I saw

Meal Prep edition How sick are you of cooking? That's a lot of you, I bet. Perhaps you're learning a thing or two about being in the kitchen. Whether that's how easy it is to put together a meal, or how annoying it is. Maybe it's adding yet another stress to

In a peanut butter jar We're taking things easy today. A few ingredients or less easy. So easy that Jerry right now is passed out and snoring next to me. He snores. He's a one eyed cat and he snores. It's adorable. Sometimes when he's really out he'll drool, too. I mean come