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Day in the Life

Quarantine Edition

My days of running from one gym to the next are behind me. But even when that was the case, I had a routine each day and kept to pretty consistent eating habits.

Now, with quarantine, the problem is not running from one thing to the next hoping to have time to eat, but rather, being stuck in the same place and trying to keep myself on a consistent routine. And ya know, trying not to snack and eat everything in sight. Because it is quite literally in sight. Always.

So join me as I take you on a journey of a day in the quarantined life of this fitness loving, burpee doing, 400m lunging, Jerry loving psychopath.

Wake up: Let’s say 5:30am

Some mornings it’s closer to 4:30a. Other mornings it’s closer to 6am. Quarantine is strange. And the waves of anxiety and depression are not lost on me and my sleep schedule. Yes there have been weeks where waking up at 2am every night was very common. Most of the time I start rolling around by 3am, again at 4am, finally get up anytime around 5am.

First up: Coffee + book always. Even when the world is open I spend my first 30-45mins or so drinking coffee and reading. I will wake up earlier in my day just to keep this.

Around 6:30am: On my computer, checking my email, WSJ.com, and this blog and any post I have planned.

By 7am: Workout. I normally don’t eat before my workout.

Today it was an hour of a ridiculous upper body workout I created myself.

100 crunches

Then, 10×10 (10 sets of 10 reps)

Shoulder press 20lb DB

Bicep curls 10lb DB



Chest Flies 20lbs

Push ups

100 crunches

Outside for 400m of lunges. Today was day 5 of Cory G’s famous 400m of lunges. My legs are almost adapted to them. Almost. Takes about 15 mins.

Post workout is water and a Perfect bar. (Perfect bar not pictured here).

Around 10am I’ve been going to Tim Horton’s for coffee because it’s open. And because I use cash and the change I get is what I then use for laundry. This is life.

Here’s what my mid morning coffee always looks like:

This Oat creamer is new for me. I dig it.

Morning is when I’m most productive. I’ve been playing with Adobe and photoshop a lot lately, working on variations of my portfolio and work I’ve done. Morning is when I spend time taking and editing photos or working away on posts like this. If it’s nice I might take a quick mid morning walk too with my coffee.

This morning I didn’t walk but prepped a bunch of food instead. So while tapping away on my laptop, I had a bunch of potatoes roasting in the oven and photographed a lot of prepped food for a future post.

Bottom line, I keep myself busy. And try to make it productive.

Around 12p is lunchtime and it’s always eggs. The cover photo to this post was my lunch today. In the mix we have a Bilinski’s spicy Italian chicken sausage link from Whole Foods, green peppers, some kale, egg whites, and extra hot sauce. Side of cantaloupe and more coffee.

At 1p I’m walking. Headphones in, podcast or audio book queued up.

Post walk snack:

It’s actually been a while since I had this protein and yogurt mix. I don’t have a lot of yogurt anymore. But I like this brand a lot and I’ve been trying to get more protein in my life. So this did the trick. Some days I’ll throw in more fat and nuts, or my new favorite cereal. *This yogurt and protein powder mix is a great ‘pudding’ to make for a healthy dessert as well.

During the afternoon I spent more time “working.” Or what I’m considering work right now. I spent time outlining an ebook I’m writing and researching a couple companies that I personally really love to see what opportunities might exist out there.

Research, photoshop, write, read, plan, email. Hey world, I’m Emily let’s be friends. 

It was one of those days where my legs were dead (thank you lunges) and I was famished. By 4:30pm I had a hard boiled egg to tide me over until my 6pm dinnertime.

5pm is when I let myself put the TV on and grab my book to chill a bit before cooking dinner. I finished up the Steve Job biography last week and I loved every single page. I’m reading a fiction now as a mental breather from all the nonfiction I’ve been reading, but it’s kind of boring. Oh well.

By 6pm I’m cooking. The thing with cooking is you totally munch as you go. All those potatoes I roasted up this morning served as my appetizer while I threw together one of my tried and true broth bowls.

Broth bowl: Protein, any and all veggies raw or roasted, greens, broth. Side of starch aka potatoes.

And here she is:

Not pictured: All the potatoes I munched on whilst cooking.

By 7pm I’m ready to wind down. Because I’m a grandma and am asleep between 9-10pm every night. Every once in a while I’ll go on another walk but normally, I’ve run myself ragged from endless walks and home activities. So post dinner is cleaning up then reading and choosing my next Marvel movie.

It’s true.

I love those movies.

This evening, post dinner and pre nighttime snack, I’m writing this. But soon, this “sweet treat” is coming my way:

A couple or more fat tablespoons of that. Or any nut butter.

I save the best for last. So so good. YUM.

And that’s about it! Some days I’m lazier. Some days I’m a freak. But every day I try to stay consistent with this general routine. Mornings and early afternoons are when I’m feeling the best, and the endless walking and lunging has me averaging thousands of steps daily.

And while my actions are almost always consistent, my mood never is. My strengths are sticking to a workout and eating routine. I’m a discipline Nazi so I’m good at just getting the job done. My weaknesses are controlling my emotions and being okay with being where I am in life right now.

Maybe that’s why I’m so into Marvel movies. Because it’s easier to digest these crazy intergalactic worlds than our own.

I have a lot to be grateful for. And a big part of me loves this new normal. But I feel on the cusp of something else… With the world how it is, it’s difficult to say what something else will be. But whatever the world holds, and whatever shape these new normals continue to take, I’ll be here for it. And I won’t stop working.

Time for that nut butter.


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