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What I know

Complacency Kills

This world is angry. And I’m with them.

I don’t know all the stories. But I’m listening.

What happened last week, and has happened for decades and longer, is despicable. And I’m disgusted.

I know there is evil in the world. And I’ll stand against it.

But I believe the good in people. And I trust them.

And all I can promise is what I can control. And I promise to never let complacency win. I promise to let my words, my attitude, and my actions speak for good. Because when you don’t know what else to do, all you can do is the next right thing.

Taking deliberate steps up and above the noise, not side to side getting lost in it. Supporting the causes, individuals, law makers and law enforcers that are out defending, supporting, and fighting for what is right. Doing what needs to be done.

I fear complacency above all else. Before there were protests (at least those of the last week), before we were in lockdown, complacency was taking souls day by day. Complacency breeds arrogance and laziness. It’s face is smug and it’s actions cowardly.

It’s in a state of complacency we stop progressing, stop growing. We forget about what we should be fighting for and why we should even care. We let lazy behavior slide and arrogant people win. Because it’s easier. It’s easier than getting up, educating ourselves, and forming a thoughtful opinion on what is going on. And what actions you can take to do your part.

Don’t let complacency win.

Read. Watch. Listen. Hear the conversations around you and take part in them. Be curious. Read about the stories and issues you know nothing about. And get informed. Hear all parties and see through the eyes of all sides.  Think rationally before acting emotionally.

Be a good human. And love your neighbor.

I don’t have much else to say.

I understand that I will never understand. However I stand.

I know I have a lot to learn. And I don’t get it all. But I stand. With those taking thoughtful action. Those who have had enough. And those enforcing peace, doing the jobs they volunteered to do.



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