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Coffee Break

And a day of eats

I had planned to post a lazy girl lentil recipe today. One made in the instant pot. Well. I did make lentils in my instant pot, however, Jerry’s not thrilled with the end result. So we’re going to table that and try again when I have a recipe worth your while.

Instead, I’m going to sit here with my coffee and share a little about my days and what a day in the life of eating looks like for me.

But not Jerry. Jerry eats like a two year old and cries when he’s feeling picky. Which is always.

The sun is out. Well it will be out. On average, I’m awake between 4:30-5am every morning. And the sun, along with most normal humans, is still sleeping.

Even during this lockdown, my routine is pretty much the same. My internal clock starts to freak out by about 3am.

Sure, I’m taking my time in the mornings more. Like right now, it’s just after 6am and I’m probably about 30 minutes behind the start of a usual day. The migraine from hell that hit me yesterday left me beat, so I told myself I’d let myself sleep however long I needed to. Why do migraines linger and take away all your willpower?

Oh well. We got crazy and didn’t get up until after 5am.

Mornings are my favorite. They always have been. Quiet, calm, mine. Something about the wee early morning hours soothes me. Soaking up the peace, grinding through a workout, and enjoying the quiet before news, work, or people in general have a chance to mess it up.

Even as a kid or teenager, I was always up. Not to the extreme I am now, perhaps. But I do remember my big brother dragging my butt to LA Fitness with him by 8am on a Saturday to lift.

It’s important to me to set my day up properly. I like to know that always, without a doubt, I wake up, get a cup of coffee, grab my book du jour, and read with Jerry for a solid 30 minutes. Then it’s type away for a little bit, change into workout clothes, and get a workout in. Always. If I have something going on that morning I need to be ready for? I’ll get up earlier.

There’s power in planning. And there’s power in discipline.

I’m not saying it’s the only routine or option. But I am saying after trying many, having this morning structure is critical and works best for me.

Decision fatigue is a thing. And by having a routine, any routine, you allow your mind to focus on things that are actually relevant instead of wasting mind power on something stupid.

Why do you think healthy people tend to eat the same things at the same time almost every day? The less decisions you have to make, the more you focus on what’s important.

How much time do you waste in front of the refrigerator or standing in your kitchen only to snack on mindless stuff and keep going back unsatisfied? Having the discipline to cut out stupid minutes and time wasted from your day gives you power to choose what you spend your energy on. And spending 20 minutes of my mental time stressing out about what to eat sounds pretty dumb to me when that 20 minutes can be spent writing, editing, working, or relaxing.

I digress.

Allow me to share with you some of those favorite quarantine snacks and meals that I reach for every day. While I wish I could tell you I’ve been eating like an idiot and snacking more. My stress and anxiety has been manifesting in sharp stomach cramps and a migraine. Leaving me with barely an appetite.

But I’m excited to report things seem to be getting back to normal.

After a morning workout, I typically reach for either:

2 hard boiled eggs or

1 perfect bar

After a workout I like a good mix of carbs, protein, and fat. All the things. So to the eggs I’ll normally have fruit of some kind. And my coffee always gets a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. And a few tablespoons of Nutpods or Califia Farms coffee creamer.

Lunch for me is 99% always eggs. A big mess of scrambled eggs. No, I don’t get tired of it. Normally 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites whipped up and added to two slices of turkey bacon and any peppers, spinach, mushrooms, vegetables that I have. I roast up a bunch of sweet potatoes on the weekends and eat a good amount of those throughout the day and with my lunch.

Did you know that when you roast potatoes and then let them sit in the fridge and become leftovers they develop this thing called resistance starch? It’s kind of like eating a slightly underripe banana. It doesn’t spike your blood sugar like it normally would. Fun fact.

Snack time mid-afternoon normally involved protein and fat. An RX nut butter packet, a small bowl of grain free granola or my newest obsessions, Catalina Crunch cereal. Maybe an Epic jerky bar. Yesterday I had about 2oz of leftover chicken and called it a snack alongside an apple.

Dinner: Broth Bowl. 9/10 times I’m having a broth bowl. Protein, veggies, bone broth. Done.

At night it’s either a couple tablespoons of nut butter or another small bowl of my new cereal obsession. I can’t get enough.

What silly decisions are you wasting your time on? Perhaps scrolling through Netflix, Hulu, and HBO for a solid hour only to put on the Office reruns? Too many options makes our brains go crazy and wastes time. Narrow your choices and spend your mental energy wisely.

No go enjoy that sunshine I hope you’re finally seeing today.

Coming up tomorrow, I’m thinking something sweet that tastes like dessert but of course will be healthy because I’m me.


  • Sorry your lentils didn’t turn out, Em but I’m glad the migraine is gone. Having trouble with routines at the moment. And it’s too bad because I really feel I could use one. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration Em!!

    April 2, 2020

    April 2, 2020

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