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Contact: coachlasko@gmail.com 

    Hey hi,
    you made it.

    Hey, hi, hello. 

    I’m Emily. I’m known to most as Lasko, many as Em, and few as Emily. At 30 years old I can truly say I have spent my entire life being completely obsessed with all things fitness, activities, and competition. 

    I love it. 

    I live it. 

    I breathe it. 

    So much so that about four years ago, I decided to flip my life inside out and make it a career. 

    The food I share and the workouts I create aren’t just for shits and giggles. This is what I actually do and have made others do too. What began as a hobby has turned into my life and I feel selfish keeping it to myself. Forever a student, I’ve sought out others who are experts in their area to learn from, train with, and be mentored by. Be it cooking, strength training, CrossFit, or long and brutal endurance, I love to take what I learn from those way better than me and apply it to my own life and fitness philosophy.

    I’ve trained clients and small groups one on one both in gyms and online, coached fitness classes over a microphone, and been a meal prep and home chef wizard to a select group of clientele, helping others determine what they need to properly fuel their workouts and their lives. 

    All of this to say I really hope you enjoy the next thirty days. I stand behind all of the recipes, workouts, and tips because they are what I personally have used and continue to use. 

    Allow me to help you, motivate you, kick your ass, and make you realize your potential. 

    I’m glad you’re here.