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31 things


On this day 31 years ago, my Momma bear was enjoying Troop Beverly Hills with my Aunt Elaine when, wait for it, she gets gut punched by this girl right here. Heyyooo. Hi world, I’m Em, let’s play.

I believe I was a couple weeks early, in fact. My hyperactivity already thriving it would seem. 

I love birthdays. I always have and I always will. Just like how I love Christmas. It’s fun to go all in, celebrating people, anniversaries, moments, and having something to turn an otherwise ordinary day into something a little bit extraordinary. But, like many others, things have been off and while there are always things to be grateful for, the world feels heavy and I was more than happy to let this year slide on by. But instead of being an Eeyore or feeling guilty for wanting to make things a lil special, I’m choosing instead to list out 31 things – some fun, some goofy, some serious – that keep me (and Jerry) moving and grooving every day.

Especially Jerry, he loves to groove. 

Celebrate with me. Please? Pretty please?

  1. Coffee mugs. Funny ones, unique ones, vintage ones, I love mugs. 
  2. Fuzzy socks. (some with grippies so I don’t fall)
  3. The color pink.
  4. Really big sweatshirts. 
  5. Taking a walk with a good podcast or audiobook. 
  6. Talking to my brother in law about anything dealing with knives, smoking meats, the West Side Market, and food
  7. Re reading Harry Potter and watching Marvel movies.
  8. Watching cake decorating videos
  9. Couch, book, Jerry, candle, and a fire blazing on my tv 😉
  10. Really good chocolate. Really dark, fancy chocolate. 
  11. Frosting. Hold the cake, extra frosting. Extra sprinkles. So many sprinkles in fact. 
  12. This series that took me to a magical world and developed characters that I felt like I knew. 
  13. Really early dark mornings before the world wakes up.
  14. Writing. Particularly the many weeks of posts I wrote during the initial lockdown. My diary from a confusing and lonely time.
  15. My new job. The possibilities are endless. This is a unicorn role. (insert nervous excited with big eyes let’s do this face).
  16. Trusting that I’m in the right place at the right time. 
  17. Here’s a deeper one: Sometimes ‘self-care’ hurts. The term is overused and often misleading. Practicing self care can be minor and frivolous and look like a massage or day off or good food. Sure. Cool. But it can also look like hard, uncomfortable work. Self care can mean making hard decisions, setting boundaries, saying no, saying goodbye (even in my own head), sitting with my thoughts (kill me), stepping out of my comfort zone, and putting in the work and actions around all the things we all say we ‘should’ do. Self care sucks. But you hold onto – see #16 – and know the life and mindset on the other side is worth the effort. 
  18. If it seems like it’s too hard, or unnecessary, it is and you need to change it. No one else will change it. You need to recognize this and make the necessary choices to change it yourself, for yourself.
  19. You can only talk yourself down from a bad situation so many times before you need to wake up and walk away. For example, a job that you don’t even realize is slowly draining you of everything and every couple months you find yourself talking yourself into liking what you do. You’re better than that. Other example, a person you let treat you like crap because one time they did something nice or you know the type of person they ‘really’ are. Listen, if they are really that person deep down, they’d show it and show up. 
  20. How I love and appreciate the friends and connections I’ve had at the different stages in my life. Even if they’ve faded a little, I know how each of them have helped me whether they realize it or not, and I hope perhaps I did the same for them in return. 
  21. The ones that won’t go away;) Mallory, Steph, other Steph, Jess, Katie, other Katie, Kelly, Bea, Kaleigh, Amanda. 
  22. Washing my hair once a week. At 31 I love my crazy untamable hair. 
  23. My siblings. My sisters are everything to me. But in this last year it’s my big brothers I’ve gotten a lot closer with on different levels.
  24. Being surrounded by people that value really hard work, get dirty, stop complaining hard work.  
  25. My guys I see and work out with every morning at the gym. Especially during my favorite 7:30-8:30am limbo hour. 
  26. The 90s ballads playlist on Spotify
  27. New and fancy ingredients like celtic salt, Hu gems, and truffle seasoning, and different types of raw and fancy nut butters, especially cashew. I hate shopping unless it’s for the kitchen and/or my tummy.
  28. At the end of the day, nothing beats sucking it up, putting on your big girl pants, and digging in. Stop being soft. Stop telling me to ‘normalize’ things that make us lazy. 
  29. Seeing others bet on themselves, and get super stoked when they talk about something they love. 
  30. No one, and I mean no one, compares to John and Margie. And since I’m 31 now, I can call them by their first names.. It’s math. 
  31. Right meow. Today. 31 years young. So much yet to come. The excitement over that outweighs the (literally) cold and dark days. 

Happy birthday to me. 



  • MIndy Ridgeway

    Happiest Of bIrthdays to you coach lasko! Hold true to thAt list and this year is sure to Be amazing.

    February 19, 2021
  • Well said em. Happy, happy birthday! You have been nothing but a pure pleasure since the moment i laid eyes On you at 10:51pm 31years ago!

    February 19, 2021

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